Thursday, February 22, 2018

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One of the illusions disappeared to a pointless attack from Seyos, and Royo caught a glimpse of the jewel around Seyos’ neck.

The Pendant of Unso. An artifact capable of teleporting the wearer to a set of predetermined locations. Crafted 1,341 years ago by Unso.

Royo understood as well as he could in the split second he had to perceive it. Seyos meant to activate the Box and teleport to safety.

That wasn’t going to happen.

Royo went for the Pendant first but found the Shield of Hamenszoon in the way. That was fine. Royo let go of his pistol, knowing it would be unnecessary at this range, and grabbed the Shield with his gloved hand. He had still yet to examine that glove, but he knew its power well enough.

He put all his strength into his grip, and his fingers dug into the Shield like teeth into flesh. The Shield cracked and snapped in two.

Seyos looked surprised, and Royo took the opening to go straight for the man’s heart. Seyos jolted away from him, though, and then they were struggling at such close range that they were nearly wrestling.

One of the Twin Blades of Boros arose with Seyos’ left hand, and Royo only just managed to twist himself out its path before it could plunge into his own heart. He still received a long gash across his chest, which was most certainly painful but not enough so make to him lose focus.

The Deceiver’s Cloak swirled as Seyos did, obscuring Royo’s vision. Royo sent out another fresh wave of the Sword’s copies and dove to the side. A slash from another Twin Blade vanished one of the illusions, and Royo saw another opening. His glove found Seyos’ left arm and crushed it. One of the Twin Blades dropped from his grip, but the Hun’Sho did not so much as flinch. The other Twin Blade came straight for Royo’s neck and narrowly broke upon the Sword of Hamenszoon--so narrowly, in fact, that Royo felt a shallow cut below his left ear.

Royo shoved himself forward and slammed his body into Seyos, knocking him off balance. The Cloak swirled again, but Royo still roughly knew where the man’s neck was and went for it. Pressing through the Cloak, he found it with his glove.

He crushed it without hesitation.

Seyos staggered back but didn’t fall. He was still moving, though not normally. The one remaining Twin Blade swung vainly at thin air, and Seyos’ molten head sagged grotesquely to one side, apparently too heavy for his broken neck.

The fight was more or less over now, it seemed. There was no point in prolonging things, Royo felt.

He sent one more wave of illusions from the Sword and approached Seyos from the side. He stabbed the man through the chest and then wrenched it open in order to dig into Seyos’ body with his glove.

There it was. The core.

Seyos said something incomprehensible, more wheezing than words.

Royo barely noticed. He crushed the core, too.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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((Double Wednesday -- Page 2 of 2))
Royo activated the Sword again and tried to circle around to Seyos’ backside.

Seyos pulled out a pair of artifacts, and Royo identified them immediately.

The Twin Blades of Boros. Small swords which were capable of guiding even an amateur swordsman’s hand toward the vital points of his desired opponent. Exceptionally deadly at close range. Crafted 33 years ago by Luann.

With that knowledge, Royo backed off again and sent out an extra wave of copies.

Where was he keeping all these damn things?

The Deceiver’s Cloak. An artifact which allowed access to several small pocket dimensions. Crafted 4,612 years ago by Skapa.


He didn’t want to fire his pistol again and give away his position. At the moment, the best course of action to his mind was to wait for the Sword’s invisibility to recharge. It would only take a few minutes, if he could hold out that long.

He seemed to be relatively safe as long as he kept multiple copies afoot. Running around the room in circles was especially helpful in that regard, because all of his copies mimicked his behavior, and by choosing the correct pressure point on the Sword, Royo was able to have as many as eight of himself all running counterclockwise around Seyos.

It was clearly pissing Seyos off as well, which was a nice bonus.

Royo took the opportunity to examine the Sword. While he already had a working knowledge of it, he wanted to be sure he hadn’t missed anything.

The Sword of Hamenszoon. An artifact capable of producing illusions based on the wielder. Crafted 794 years ago by Hamenszoon.

Huh. Surprisingly uninformative.

Royo tried looking harder, wanting the Eye to provide him more detail.

The Eye did so, spelling out the exact function of each one of the Sword’s pressure points, as well as informing him that they required manipulable soul power to do so. And as Royo had already discovered, seven copies was indeed the maximum number of illusions that the Sword could produce at one time.

The Piercing Eye was even so generous as to tell him the precise amount of time remaining before the invisibility was fully recharged. One minute, forty-eight seconds, and counting.

That was better. Royo was satisfied.

Movement from Seyos drew Royo’s attention again, and he was ready to identify the next artifact.

It was a small cube, small enough to fit in Seyos’ molten palm.

The Box of Perdition, the Eye told him. An artifact capable of producing explosions with a range of up to 750 meters. Crafted--


Royo skipped the last part and instead pushed for more detail.

The Box had to be set on a timer with as little as fifteen seconds or as long as fifteen minutes. The blast would not harm the box itself but could still produce a force of up to five tons.

This was a very large problem.

Royo knew he couldn’t wait any longer and went on the offensive. All eight clones of himself followed suit, converging on Seyos simultaneously.